Palm Harbor Air Conditioning

Residents of beautiful and historic Palm Harbor have two things in common. They love their central air conditioners and they love living in this historic town tucked away in the northwest region of Tampa Bay and just 45 minutes (on a good traffic day) from St. Petersburg. From its stately homes to its horse stables, barber shops and new developments, Palm Harbor is a great place to live. Whether you live in a new home or one from 1925, Sunbeam Air Conditioning is your source for central air conditioner units, service and repair in Palm Harbor.

About Palm Harbor


In the Tampa Bay area and beyond, Palm Harbor is known for its affluent neighborhoods and one of the area’s top performing public high schools, Palm Harbor University. Before any of this, what is now called Palm Harbor was just a piece of land that the Sutherland family had purchased. It wasn’t long before citrus farmers and others began settling the area – and as the word spread that there were mineral springs, great fishing and year-round farming, more people came. J.C. Craver, who came in 1877 when there was little more than land, humidity and mosquitoes – and no air conditioners to be found – is credited with naming the city.

Small Town Feel


Palm Harbor, although part of the Tampa Bay metro area, still has that small town feel, thanks in part to its location west of US-19 and small downtown area. It is one of the few places left in Pinellas County where you are likely to share the road with horses (the other is Pinellas Park) and the only place you’ll find the PGA tour.

Just west of downtown is Ozona, a smaller hamlet with charming homes and a character of its own. To the north is Tarpon Springs and south is Dunedin and Clearwater and east, Oldsmar and Tampa. For a prime location, Palm Harbor has managed to keep its allure.

Big Homes, Big AC Needs


Palm Harbor’s median house or condo value was estimated at $161, 911 in 2012, which is almost $12,000 higher than the median home value for Florida. The mean value for all housing units (in 2011) was $214,765! All of these homes require air conditioning units that are large enough to cool the home without overworking the system. As for those beautiful historic homes? They have special needs that we’re ready to handle.

How Sunbeam Air Can Help

At Sunbeam Air, we understand that installing the right size ac unit is critical in keeping a home or business cool and keeping the electric bill as low as possible. And we know those older homes need special care and attention. From duct cleaning to proper system inspections, our experience and care will make sure you keep cool during the year and warm during those few weeks of winter.

Call us today and let us know how we can help.