Here at Sunbeam Air Conditioning Inc., We Take Indoor Air Quality Very Seriously.

clean-airIt is, after all the air you breathe every day and if it is not being properly filtered it could not only be negatively affecting your health but your bank account as well. Unfortunately, many people do not realize they need duct cleaning and/or fogging services the problem is not an obvious one and can often go unnoticed until someone in the property becomes ill.

At Sunbeam Air Conditioning, Inc. we have professional technicians that know how to search for pollutants currently contaminating your air space. If we find anything, we will eliminate the problem, leaving your space fresh, clean, and healthy; the kind of environment everyone should live in.

What could be contaminating the indoor air quality of your home?


It not only brings out allergies in average people, but it also heightens asthmatic symptoms. With asthma, certain triggers, such as cold or hot weather, can set people off leaving them breathless and in need of an inhaler. When mold becomes the trigger the danger becomes higher than just your average temperature trigger. The mold releases toxins into the air that act as an allergen to most people.

However, people with asthma that inhale the toxins and their respiratory system shuts down which leads to an asthma attack. This is the most serious, as well as most common, problem when it comes to the indoor air quality of your property.


This is a less obvious kind of pollutant that can be found either in rock formations beneath a building or in the material of the building itself. Radon is hard to find if you do not know what you are looking for because it is an atomic gas that is not visibly seen. Luckily, there are tests that can be done to discover whether or not this is a problem if you have radon present. However, you are not sure if you have radon within your property, but you have been feeling ill you should probably get the tests done to discover whether or not this is a pollutant that you have to worry about. Sunbeam Air Conditioning, Inc. can help you improve your indoor air quality by helping you discover what the problem is. This particular pollutant can cause serious problems to your health so we recommend that you find out as soon as possible whether or not this is an issue.

Poor Indoor Air Can Hurt Plants Too

If you have indoor plants and there are pollutants that are affecting your air it can also be hazardous to your plants’ lives. Plants consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. The presence of such allergens will suffocate your plants leaving them to wilt. Be aware of your indoor air quality by contacting Sunbeam Air Conditioning, Inc. so that we can run some tests and eliminate the major problems.

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