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Top 11 Air Conditioner Manufacturers

These top 11 companies are the leading makers of air conditioners, heaters and related systems in the country and across the globe. Find out more about them by visiting their sites.


Carrier was started by the inventor of air conditioning, Willis Carrier, in 1902. Today, Carrier is a leading innovator of environmentally friendly refrigeration solutions with a presence that spans the globe.

Fun Fact: Carrier has a sample installation in the Sistine Chapel?


Rheem Manufacturing was started by Richard and Donald Rheem in the mid-1920’s in the San Francisco Bay area. While the company began by making water heaters, today Rheem is a global organization recognized for their quality engineering and reliability.

Fun Fact: Rheem’s parent company, Paloma Industries of Nagoya, Japan

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Started by Charles Bryant in 1904, the company continues to make a wide variety of heating and cooling systems designed to make homes more comfortable.

Fun Fact: Bryant is the longest-term sponsor of the Indianapolis 500 that is not in the automotive industry.

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Intro text: Trane had its start when founder James Trane immigrated from Norway and opened a shop in Wisconsin. By 1913, James and his son had developed a low-pressure heating system that could tame the harsh Wisconsin winters. Today, Trane is a leading global make of heating and cooling systems.

Fun Fact: Trane systems are installed in the Kremlin.

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Intro text: Goodman was founding in 1954 by Harold V Goodman and grew rapidly throughout Gulf Coast states. Harold was known as one of the top HVAC contractors in the country, which led to the companies reputation as a maker of quality residential and light commercial cooling and heating systems.

Fun Fact: Goodman was purchased by Daikin in 2012 for $3.7 Billion.

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Masanori Togawa, President and CEO,

Daikin Industries, Ltd.


Perhaps known more for their washers and dryers, and the bored Maytag man, the company is now in the HVAC business, thanks to their partnership and agreement with Nordyne, LTD. Maytags name and reputation for quality appliances continue as their cooling and heating systems continue to grow in popularity.
Fun Fact: In 2014, Maytag got a new repairman for its advertising campaigns:


Amana began operating in 1947 as the first company to make an upright freezer. Less than a decade later in 1957, they began making air conditioners as well as various refrigerators and freezers. The company has passed through many hands, starting in 1965 when it was purchased by Raytheon. 1997 saw the company purchased by Goodman Global. Goodman kept the HVAC division, but sold Amana’s appliance division to Maytag, who is now part of the Whirlpool Corporation.

Fun Fact: Raytheon invented the first microwave oven after discovering that microwaves from it’s radar would melt food.

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General Electric began in 1892 through the merger of two companies, Edison General Electric Company and Thomas-Houston Company. GE made electric lights, motors, generators, nuclear power plants and more. Air conditioning and heating remains a small part of GE’s overall product offerings.
Fun Fact: Thomas Edison (with no acknowledgement of Nikola Tesla) is credited with inventing electric lighting and starting GE.


David Lennox started his company by making and selling the first riveted steel furnaces in 1895. As the years progressed, Lennox developed novel distribution networks and well engineered products for heating and cooling. The first residential air conditioner was produced by Lennox in 1952 and the first complete line of ozone-free ac units were made in 2007.

Fun Fact: Lennox didn’t add retail distribution for sales and service of residential units until 1998, the same year President Bill Clinton was accused of having an illicit affair in the White House.

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Gibson Residential heating and air conditioning products are produced by Nordyne International, which is headquartered in Miami, Florida. Although many people would not recognize the Nordyne name, their brands include Broan, Frigidaire, Maytag, NuTone, Tappen and Westinghouse.

Fun Fact: Nordyne is part of the Nortek group, based in Rhode Island and publicly traded on the NASDAQ exchange (ticker symbol: NTK).

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Frigidaire began in 1916 as the Guardian Frigerator Company until they were purchased by General Motors in 1918. GM changed their name to Frigidaire. Frigidaire’s cooling and heating products are manufactured by Nordyne, as are several other brands on this list.

Fun Fact: Frigidaire is the first company to sell automatic ice dispensers and continues to have a great reputation for their home appliances.

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