Clearwater Air Conditioning And AC Repair

Clearwater Air Conditioning And AC Repair

Clearwater Air Conditioning and AC Repair

The Real Reason Clearwater Loves Air Conditioning

Clearwater Air Conditioning And AC Repair

Some may say that air conditioning is not a necessity, but most residents of Clearwater, FL (and New York for that matter) would disagree. With summertime highs averaging in the high 80s and almost as high humidity, it would be difficult to find someone who doesn’t need their ac unit. Because of this need, residents understand that installing and repairing their AC unit requires a company with excellent and trustworthy service.

Sunbeam Air Conditioning understands how important this is too. We live and love Clearwater as well and we don’t want to be without cool air conditioning any more than you do. Thanks to owner and founder Jim Hauff, we don’t have to.

Clearwater Didn’t Always Have AC

Long before Spanish explorers landed in the early 1500s, Native Americans cherished the clear springs and high bluffs overlooking the Gulf. However, once the Spanish began exploring the area and sending in Jesuit missionaries, Clear Water Harbor started to become popular, at least on a small scale. And when the first narrow-gauge railroad was built in 1888, with a depot in Clearwater and ending in St. Petersburg, more people from ‘up north’ came to visit.nThe Orange Belt was purchase by Henry Plant (from Peter Demens) in 1895.

Clearwater Air Conditioning And AC Repair

As Plant upgraded to a standard gauge railroad, more settlers arrived and the town began to grow. Henry Plant, in an effort to garner more rail business, built the Belleview Biltmore hotel. It’s a good thing tourists didn’t have internet; if they did, they probably would have complained about the hotels lack of air conditioning.

Incorporated, Booming and Crash

When Clearwater was incorporated in 1915, development had just started. As 1925 approached, the real estate boom that was taking place began to peak. However, presumably because buyers realized that Clearwater is hot and humid for most of the year, this boom turned to bust in 1928, just a year before the Stock Market crash.

Clearwater Today

Clearwater Air Conditioning And AC Repair

Today, over 108,000 residents call Clearwater home. With average home prices in over 140,000 and median income growth lower than other cities, it’s no wonder that it ranked as the number 1 most stressful city in America for 2012.

Another reason for this stress? Bad air conditioning service AND a high cost. At Sunbeam air, we are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible at the most competitive rate. But don’t take our word for it, call us and ask for a quote. Then compare that quote with one from another company.

Call us today and see for yourself.