2 Air Conditioner Emergencies You Should Fix Immediately

Air Conditioner Emergencies You Should Fix Immediately

Having a healthy air conditioner is crucial to having a comfortable home or businesses. When your air conditioner unit is running at peak performance, not only is the temperature and humidity well regulated, but your electric bill is predictable. However, when something is wrong with that ac unit, the temperature is harder to control, the rooms become uncomfortable and the electric bill can increase.

How do you know which problems can wait and which should be handled immediately?

The following are two problems that should be handled right about. If you have either one of these, Sunbeam Air’s Emergency AC Repair service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help.

Emergency #1: No Cold Air

Why this is an emergency?

Not having cool air is an emergency when the room temperature and humidity increase to levels that are unhealthy for the people or pets in that room. Air conditioning is an important part to most Floridian’s homes and businesses, making it important that the rooms are actually cool. Rooms without AC quickly become uncomfortable while businesses without working AC are likely to lose customers, and maybe even employees, causing losses in revenue.

Reasons for cooling loss

Several things that can cause cooling loss in a central air conditioner unit. The following are just a few of them. Always have a professional hvac contractor inspect your air conditioner at least once a year and when you have a problem that you are unable to fix.

A) Dirty filters

The first thing you should check is the filter. If your ac filters are dirty, air is unable to circulate, and the rooms will not cool the way they should. Dirty filters can cause the unit to freeze or overwork, leading to warm rooms and higher bills.

B) Low refrigerant

2 Air Conditioner Emergencies You Should Fix Immediately

This is perhaps the easiest to diagnose. Without proper refrigerant, the air conditioner will not work (and the reason that there is no refrigerant may be part of the problem.)

Here’s a simple way to check: Go outside to the fan, look for the insulated copper line, lift off the insulation and feel it to see if its cold. A cold line means there is refrigerant in the system.

C) Bad thermostat

Check your thermostat to see if there is anything unusual – or if it is working at all. A bad thermostat can mean the rooms won’t cool the way they should.

D) AC unit too small

If you’ve consistently had problems, your air conditioner might be too small, especially when its hot for so much of the year. Use this guide for make sure yours is the right size: Energystar Guide

Emergency #2: Water is not draining properly

Why this is an emergency?

Water that is not draining properly from your air conditioner condenser can cause more than just a disruption to comfort levels. This water can leak into walls and floors, causing expensive damage to your home or business as well as creating a perfect breeding ground for mold.

Reasons water doesn’t drain properly

A) AC keeps freezing up

AC units can freeze because of poor or blocked airflow in the unit or around the coils, a blower fan that is not working properly, low freon levels or a thermostat that is set too low. When the unit freezes, water cannot drain but the ice will melt and can cause water damage. Other problems can arise as well – an all of them can become expensive to repair if they are ignored.

B) Drain pipe clogged or broken

Your ac drain should empty outside of the house. This pipe can get clogged by a number of things, from small animals such as tree frogs, lizards and snakes that get trapped in the pipe to leaves and dirt getting in the pipe if the yard is flooded. And if the pipe is broken or not connected properly? That water flows straight inside the structure.

C) Leak inside of the condenser

If the drain is connected properly but there is leaking from the condenser, a professional needs to inspect the unit and identify where the problem is coming from. If you do notice a leaking unit, its important to turn the air conditioner off until the source of the leak is identified.

What’s your emergency?

Contact Sunbeam Air the next time you have air emergency and we’ll come right out! Customers in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Largo and surrounding areas have grown to depend on us, and you should too!

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